OMERO beginner for image analysis and montage

Hello everyone,

I want to start using OMERO in my work. Which materials should I begin to read? Which beginner tutorials are available?


Hi Remmy

Do you have already an OMERO server running?
If not the easiest thing is to apply for a demo account at

We are working on some guides to introduce features of OMERO. We are using such material for training sessions.
You will find various examples on how to use the API or how to integrate OMERO and other tools like Fiji, CellProfiler etc.

For montage, I assume you are talking about making figure. OMERO has a very nice Web application called OMERO.figure There is a nice video using an older version but this will give you an idea of what you can do with it.



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Thanks for your reply.

Do I need the OMERO server in order to use OMERO figure?

I already have FIJI running on my machine.

Hi, yes I’m afraid you do need an OMERO server to run OMERO.figure. Go ahead and sign up for a demo account to give it a try.

There are various options you can consider for installing an OMERO server. Generally the install itself isn’t too hard, but you need to consider the infrastructure you’ll want for safe data storage, particularly if you’re managing data for other users.


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