OMERO batch download


I would like to backup all the data I have on my OMERO account for extra safety and for being able to access them any time independetly from availability of connection and service. I have around 70 folders spread across 20 projects and I would like to back up everythin in a batch replicating the exact same projects and folders division in my hard drive.
I can see I can download images within a fodler by manually selecting them and pressing the download button, but with thousands of images and many folders this process would take very long and would be prone to mistakes… is there a way to batch download all my data (ie all my projects) at once whithout having to manually select images within a folder or even folders within a project one by one?

Thank you

If you’re comfortable using the command line take a look at

There’s a brief user guide here:

but feel free to ask more questions.

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Thank you, I have never used the command line but I will give it a go!