OMERO and Commercial tool

our histology imaging facility will use for deep learning on images. they asked me about the rapid solution to use images from OMERO.
Any idea, please?

Thank you


Hello Nabila:

Thank you for your question. Firstly, let me briefly introduce Glencoe Software ( One of the many things we do on behalf of OME, is build relationships with commercial entities and OME software such as OMERO and Bio-Formats. Visiopharm is one such entity.

As far as interactions between OME software and Visiopharm are concerned let me start by saying that Visiopharm has first class support for OME-TIFF, including pyramidal OME-TIFF. Utilising Bio-Formats and work we have recently released
you can use any whole slide image you have in OMERO via OME-TIFF with Visiopharm. Visiopharm also has support for a large number of whole slide imaging proprietary file formats. I would strongly encourage you to talk to them about your requirements.

We have also worked with a number of our customers on supporting the Visiopharm MLD annotation format within our suite of ROI conversion tools ( These tools support bidirectional workflows involving annotations between OMERO and other tools via OME-XML.

If you are interested in discussing any of this in more detail please do get in touch:

Hope this helps!

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