OMERO activity tracking

Hi everyone.

I would like to know if, as an administrator, is there a possibility to track the activity for each user/group on an OMERO server?

At our image analysis department, we would like to know how our OMERO test servers are used.

Best regards, Marc.

Hi Marc,

“track” is a loaded term so I’ll refrain from answering in the affirmative :slightly_smiling_face: What OMERO does provide out of the box is the EventLog table, which records all modifications to objects within the database (“Image:1 created by user:A on Tuesday”, “Image:2 deleted by user:B on Friday”). This information is only available to administrators, and can be safely deleted from PostgreSQL.

The is also a Session row created for each login which means you can query, e.g., how many users have logged in. GitHub - ome/ansible-role-omero-prometheus-exporter: Ansible role for OMERO Prometheus exporter and related projects use this information to provide metrics.

More detailed information about what a user is viewing, etc. must be done externally to OMERO. If most of your users use OMERO.web, you could try parsing the nginx log or installing some form of analytics. All dependent on your institution’s privacy policies.