OMERO 5.6.1 and OMERO.downloader 0.2.1

Hi OME team,

Almost all our servers are now on OMERO 5.6.1 and I was checking whether OMERO.downloader 0.2.1 works against them. So far no joy: whatever I do (log in with username/password or with session key) it responds:

sudard@graylab:/usr/local/bin$ omero.downloader021 -b /tmp/ddd -s -k db717fcb-6792-4dff-b8ff-d9ba0a7e69d4 -f ome-tiff Image:2255
cannot log in to server

Is 0.2.1 maybe not yet made compatible with 5.6.1? The github comments talk only about 5.6.0 compatibility.


It should work fine with OMERO 5.6.1, e.g.,

OMERO.downloader-0.2.1$ ./ -b /tmp/ddd -s -k e1407ca3-df5f-4481-9afc-abe3bf126270 -f ome-tiff Image:96376
finding target images... done
mapping filesets of images... done
(1/1) commencing download of pixels 96376... done
(1/1) assembling pixels 96376... done

As noted in [trello] improve logging the error reporting certainly needs improvement but the downloader’s simply using the Java Gateway to log in so if you can log in with Insight from that environment with the “padlock icon” both closed and open then you should be fine. If not, the Insight logs may reveal something.

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the quick reply. Great that 0.2.1 is already compatible. And indeed after some more trying I found I had the older “downloader-jar-with-dependencies.jar” from 0.1.5 in my java path so it was getting that instead of the correct one. Now it’s all working fine.

Aha, easily done, thank you for explaining what happened! I am glad you now have it working. :+1: