Omere-figure export pdf does not work

in our institute we have just installed the omero server with the most recent downloads. Everything is working quite nice apart the export PDF that can’t be clicked to generate a pdf.


Is this to do with some access rights that need to be set or some missing plugins?



Sorry a little silly answering my own question but is this the right way of solving it?

I need to upload the script?

Yes, you need to upload the script.
This is described slightly better at

Just be sure when you install the dependencies (reportlab etc) that these are installed on the OMERO server environment (where the script will run), and NOT in the OMERO-web python environment.

Let us know if you have any other issues,


Try using any pdf editor, I think it may help

Unfortunately there is no pdf export happening. As soon as the scripts are uploaded we can check if it works.

Dear mikalogan,
the whole point of omero-figure is the live-update of the images, contrast and region of interests from the original raw data. The pdf-editor is of not much use in this situation.


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Thanks. I had the same feeling as it felt totally out of place. Now I understand what the Flag is for :slight_smile: