OME-TIFF slide label

Hello everyone,

I need to convert my mrxs WSI’s to OME-TIFF. I am using bioformats2raw & raw2ometiff applications. With this method I obtain 2 seperate tif files, the main slide and the slide label.
My question is, if I generate only one file which contains both label and the slide together, similar with the original mrxs file.

Thank you


@carcen sorry to hear about your issues.

My expectation is given the input layout you mention the the conversion pipeline should not create 2 separate files but one single OME-TIFF file containing 2 separate images: the main slide and the label.

In order to better understand the issue, it would be useful initially to know more about:

  1. the version of bioformats2raw and raw2ometiff used
  2. the operating system
  3. the succession of commands that were executed.