OME Resources Down due to UoD outage

Dear all,

Following a power outage over the weekend, the OME storage array at the University of Dundee has failed, leaving many of the OME services unavailable. These include:

All OME resources currently hosted at EMBL-EBI are unaffected by this outage and are currently running at normal capacity including:

Note however that due to the issue above, our ability to process new as well as existing IDR submissions is significantly decreased.

We are currently waiting for more information about the impact of the failure and will keep this thread updated with the recovery of the services

Thanks for your understanding.
The OME team


At the time of this writing, the two following services have been partially restored:

  • The OME artifactory has been redirected to Glencoe Software artifactory. Most OME artifacts should be available immediately or requested. Alternatively, the SciJava Nexus repository should contain up-to-date mirrors of all artifacts prior to the outage.
  • The OME Website has been migrated to GitHub pages and is back online. The majority of the static content is now back and running, some of the sub-directories like the QA application, the legacy phpBB forums, the OME schemas and all the links to the documentations and downloads are still broken.
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We are pleased to announce that all the public OME services should now back online including:

  • The OME demo server
  • The OME binaries downloads and documentation
  • The OME QA application
  • The OME CI infrastructure

We will keep monitoring closely the state of our systems over the next few days. Please notify us of any issues.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding