OME in (Phew! Finally!) Holiday Mode

Dear All-

Wow. 2020 was… a bit too much. Despite everything, it was an amazing year of work, releases, new directions for data formats, great meetings (even the virtual ones) and so much more.

The OME Team is now officially on (really badly needed) holiday. We’ll be back on-line January 5. We strongly suggest you not, for example, do any weird things with file formats for at least two weeks. Seriously, just put it all aside for awhile.

For now, we wish the whole community a very happy, safe, and healthy holiday. We also hope for a much happier 2021 for you and yours.

Take care and stay well.




Yes, we can!

Really looking forward to 2021 being the year of the new community standard next generation image file format (aka NGFF aka ome.zarr)!

Have a great holiday!


Thank you OME team for the work, energy, transparency and commitment you have given our little community this year and many years before that.

A lot of amazing tools would not exist if it weren’t for you.

Great holidays to all! :snowman:

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