OME Files repository move and CI updates

When the OME Files repositories were originally moved over to GitLab, they were originally placed under the codelibre/ome namespace. However, due to limitations with GitLab Pages at the time, the projects were moved under the codelibre namespace to allow publishing of the documentation. Future updates to GitLab have removed the limitation, so the projects have now been moved back under the codelibre/ome namespace. Redirects exist, so access to the repositories will not break, but it is recommended that you update your git remotes to use the new locations.

The URLs of the documentation accessed via now need the ome namespace prepending to the path, i.e. The new URLs are detailed below.

Project GitLab URL API reference Documentation
OME Common project reference
OME Model project reference reference
OME Files project reference reference
OME Files Performance project
OME Files Python project
OME Files View project reference
OME Files super project project
GitLab CI generic configuration project

The GitLab CI setup has also been updated to use a common configuration shared by all projects. This unifies all of the machine specifications, scripts to build and job configurations. Previously, the information duplicated in each project required updating for each project to keep the configurations in sync.

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