OME Community Meeting 2021 ...?

Dear OME People - A Belated Happy New Year to you all!!!

Is there any news yet on an OME Community Meeting for 2021 (obviously a Virtual meeting) … ?

Looking forward to reconnecting with the OME community, and hopefully sharing our work too.

Many thanks
Mike Wicks

PS. May your Vaccinations arrive swiftly!


I just got something from @joshmoore in my private messages via this forum.

@markkitt that’ll be the invite for the NGFF community call this Tuesday. It’s open to anyone but is pretty focused on the specifics of the file format work.

A date hasn’t yet been set but we’ll announce loudly here ASAP. But thanks for kicking this off: it’s great to start gathering the enthusiasm :wink: Very much looking to getting everyone “together” again.

All the best,

@joshmoore It would be great if @frauzufall and I could get invites to the meeting. Thank you

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Hi Mike et al–

Thanks for kicking off this issue. Honestly, it’s been on our minds, but with several projects starting, the question keeps dropping off the super high priority list. That’s ultimately my responsibility, so apologies.

One question-- last year’s format and topics is at OME 2020 Meeting Agendas. Anyone have strong feelings on the topics, format, approach, or anything else? Comments here or wherever are welcome.

I’m sure one way or another we’ll be doing it. But we are trying to figure out exactly what and how.




Fantastic Jason - Looking forward to contributing this year!

(Personally I found 3 days of Zoom VERY INTENSIVE last time - more shorter sessions spread over a longer time would be better, but understand if you can’t!)

Mike W

PS. Postpone to the Autumn, you might end up with a PHYSICAL meeting - remember them!?!?!


Thanks Mike.

OME Meetings are always VERY INTENSE. :wink:

We’re working on it and will let everyone know soon.




Please see:

Dear OME Team,

What is the process to submit something for presentation at the Meeting?
I’m hoping to produce a video, along the lines of the ones from last year - Any idea of deadlines?
Looking forward to it!!

Many thanks
Mike W

Hi @mwicks,

we are in the process of defining the structure of the community meeting and especially the sessions. Overall it will be similar to what we had last year and will include video contributions from the community. More will be announced in the upcoming weeks as we open the registration.

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