OME Community Meeting 2021 - Video Content

All video playlists for the OME2021 Community meeting are available below. Please pre-watch the material before the given day’s sessions begin.

Date Program Playlist Tweet
Tues., 08. June Day 1 - Keynote Welcome & Demo Intros Tweet
Wed., 9. June Day 2 - RDM Invited talks & Flash Talks Tweet
Thur., 10. June Day 3 - Resources Invited talks & Flash Talks Tweet
Fri., 11. June Day 4 - Training Invited talks & Flash Talks Tweet

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Day 2 playlists have now been posted.

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Day 3 playlists have now been posted.

… and Day 4 playlists have now been posted. That means all 30+ videos for all 4 days of #ome2021 are now available for your watching purposes. We’ll be sending around a form for pre-submitting questions if you would like.

Looking forward to it!

Hi Josh,

the links in the “Day” column for days 3 and 4 seem to be wrong, all pointing to day 1 instead.


Cheers, Niko. All updated.

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One more thing, when clicking on the Welcome link I only get a brief animated cover page and then it switches over to Jean-Marie presenting “Teaching & Training” for day 4.

Is this intended? Or is it just me being a complete YouTubeNoob that doesn’t understand how playlists are working…? I’m confused :flushed:


There should be 4 short videos in that playlist, soon to be 5 with Jason’s. Just each of us saying hi. :wink: ~J.

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Okay then, never mind. I was just confused by the “day 4” :slight_smile: