Older version of the getList("image.titles") function

Hello all,

I have written a macro in FIJI (ImageJ 1.52o), where I use the getList(“image.titles”) function to check what images are currently open, and make certain decisions based on that.

However, when I try to call it from my build of Micro-Manager (which runs ImageJ 1.48v, an older version), I get an error saying “Unvalid key in line ___”, pointing to the getList(“image.titles”) function. The error is due to this function not existing in the older version of ImageJ, but I have 2 questions about solving this issue:

  1. Is there a function similar to getList(“image.titles”) that can be used in this older version of ImageJ (1.48v)? At the very least, I would need a function compatible with ImageJ 1.48v to help check if an image with a particular title exists. (This is confusing because I’m not sure where I can look to figure out what functions are accepted by previous versions of ImageJ)

  2. Is it possible to update my ImageJ without updating Micro-Manager? The build of Micro-Manager I’m using (version 1.4.23, Nightly build: 20171109) is the only version compatible with my camera adapter, so upgrading to a newer build of Micro-Manager is not possible.

Any help on this would be appreciated, thanks!

Regarding question 2, you can replace the ij.jar file with a newer version (but you’ll have to manually download it, the built-in updater is too old to work). I have done that before so that I could use an ImageJ plugin that required a newer ImageJ version (I also manually downloaded the plugin JAR). I don’t think Micro-Manager is strictly guaranteed to work but it usually should. @nicost would probably know more.

BTW I noticed this is cross-posted on the Micro-Manager listserv.

Hey Jon,

Thanks for the suggestion, I was able to get it to work using your method!

(The upgrade fixed my original problem but caused a few new issues in functions whose implementation details had slightly changed between the two versions. After tracing the origins of these issues and fixing them, the program now works as intended) - Just a note to others who may read this thread in the future!