Old images remain in the NamesAndTypes "upadte"




Firstly, this software is amazing! I have published one paper on Advanced Functional Materials and use your software to calculate the Mander’s cofficient!

Here comes the problem. I have used this software to calculate Mander’s cofficient in my previous studies. I want to use the same .cpproj to calculate new data for my new experiment. But it seems as if the old images still remain in the .cpproj. Even no files are dropped into ‘Input modules–Images’, when I click ‘Input modules–NamesAndTypes-update’, the files are still there! This makes me easily confused my new data and old data. How can I solve this problem?
Thank you! Waiting for your reply~
Here is my .cpproj
Mander distinct coefficient calculation - for one single cell.cpproj (420.0 KB)



I guess one way to really clean the list is by emptying the “names to assign these images” field, and hit update.
You can copy the names first to keep it in your clipboard.

Hope that helps.


Hello~ I have tried, but it does not worl. thank you anyway


The CPProj is designed to be the pipeline PLUS the location and metadata of all the associated images; if you clear the images but don’t save it afterward, every time you open the .cpproj file the images will still be there. You can instead export the .cppipe (which has just the pipeline but no images) by going to File->Export->Pipeline (you can even tell CP to automatically save a .cppipe copy of your .cpproj every time in the File->Preferences menu). When you open the .cppipe, no images will be associated.

We’re glad to hear the software works so well for you! Best of luck. :smile:


WOW! You have saved my lifes! My thanks to your help! bcimini