OCT Analysis with Image J



Hello, I’m new to using Fiji/imageJ and am currently working on two tasks.

  1. Measuring blood vessel width/diameter using a single OCT retina photo. Vessel analysis plugin I have found online does not work with a single 2d image. Does anyone know of a simple way to consistently measure the vessel diameter?

  2. Creating a line between two points and then measuring the distance to 3 points perpendicular to that reference line. The first perpendicular line is at the midpoint, 2nd line is 100 micrometers temporal from the midpoint, and the 3rd line is 200 micrometers temporal from the midpoint. Below is an image with an example of how a previous study did it, but they do not go into detail about how it was accomplished. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated!


Good day,

it appears to me as if essential parts of your question are not directly related to image processing. It seems as if you are looking for experts in OCT analysis in general. There were several posts to this Forum dealing with OCT analysis but none that I remember used the approach you are looking for and also none dealt with blood vessels.

I strongly recommend to consult a Forum that deals with OCT and perhaps later, when you a clear about the approaches, come back to discuss the image processing details.

What we need for the second point are the exact formal (mathematical) definitions of the start and end points of the straight lines.
Furthermore we then need typical raw images in the original TIF- or PNG-format. No JPG-format though, because JPG introduces artifacts! You may also post images as Zip-archives.