Obtaining .m files for batch processing



I am trying to get .m files to launch batch processes in a cluster.
I am “playing” with two images before going to a huge experiment.
When I “analyze images” in my current pipeline, both of them are correctly analyzed. On the other hand, when I add the module CreatBatchFiles at the end of the pipeline, only one image (or one cycle) is analyzed. Hence, when I ask for 1 batch file for each cycle, only one Batch_ file is created.

I had a look to the parameters of CreateBatchFiles and did not find the explanation. Any idea of what could be happening?

Thank you for your help.


If you are only analyzing two images, when you add CreateBatchFiles the output should be as follows:


The first cycle is analyzed and the data for that cycle is stored in Batch_data.mat. Then, you submit the .m files to the cluster and they load Batch_data.mat and analyze whichever set of images it specifies, in this case, it is only image 2.

If you would like to run analysis on a cluster, I would first read the help for batch processing by going to Help -> Getting Started -> BatchProcessing (it can also be found on the forum). This explains how to set up a cluster for analysis and how to submit all the jobs to the cluster at once.

Hope this helps,