ObjectSizeShape measurements NOT available?

Hello, I have been looking for ways to categorize filopodia (or “spikiness”) formation in cells. I have sample pipelines that work well for low filipoidia and high filipodia images, however, I am using the MeasureObjectSizeShape module and in the " Module Help ?" description, it says there are measurements for eccentricity, Major and Minor Axis Length. None of these measurements show up in the output (attached). Also I am not sure why there are three columns of data at the right-hand side. These are clearly not triplicate measurements as they are so different, why these three columns?


The module display window for MeasureObjectSizeShape only shows the per-image aggregate for the per-object measurements, for simplicity. If you want to see the actual per-object measurements, you will need to use ExportToSpreadsheet to export them, or use DisplayDataOnImage to overlay the measurements of choice on the objects of choice.