Objects split in two on CellProfiler - Reassign as two objects

Dear Forum,

I have a set of objects identified with IdentifyPrimaryObjects and a successive IdentifySecondaryObjects module. Let’s call them Cells.

I have then performed a masking step on these Cells objects in which only certain pixels from the objects are retained.

In cases where the objects have had a gap introduced (so that they effectively look like two distinct objects), I would like them re-labelled with two separate labels (i.e. two distinct intensity values) to recognise them as now being two separate objects.

However, as it stands, the same intensity is retained for both objects (even on Renumbering in the MaskObjects module).

An example is shown below where the dark orange objects (resulting from a MaskObjects step and originating from the same parent Cells object) still have the same intensity value and are treated as a single object in successive masking steps.

Please could you clarify how I can reassign two objects which now have no physical connection in space (i.e. no neighbours) as two separate objects, without compromising the other existing objects?

Thank you!

Hi @Emma_Imaging,

This can be achieved with the SplitOrMergeObjects module, using the “Split” operation.


Could you solve the issue??
Did you try the suggestion of “SplitOrMergeObjects”??
You can also try using relate objects module if it is not directly working.
Check this link,

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