Object Pixel Size

How do you go about choosing a pixel size range for your objects?

I’m realizing that this is a key element to most of the pipelines I want to create. I’ve just guesstimated in the past, or set a large catch-all range. I’m beginning to see, though, that it might be easier to get just the objects I want by setting a more specific range. So how can I measure them before I try to measure them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ?

I created a new topic for this one, because I thought it might be helpful for other newbie scientists like me. I don’t know how a psychology major ended up in a biology research lab, but that’s just what happened.

Thanks in advance!

Open one of your images in CellProfiler, then in the image window go to Tools->Measure length. That’ll let you click and drag around the image to span your different objects, and the length value will be reported in the bottom right corner of your image (down where X, Y, and Intensity are usually reported).