Object itensity

Hello, I am a new software user and would love to help you. I have nuclei marked using FUCCI. I am looking for a way to know the amount of pixels in each nuclei to determine the level of the cell in cell cycle. Anyone know a way to do this?

If you want the nuclei size in pixels, I’d suggest detecting nuclei with IdentifyPrimaryObjects and then running MeasureObjectSizeShape to get the area of each nucleus. However, for cell cycling analysis you may want to use MeasureObjectIntensity to calculate the absolute quantity of staining in each nucleus. This thread may provide further help there.

hey thanks for your help.
i just wanted to know what is the best way to achieve that goal?
what are the basic steps… for example do i need to apply filter on both channels? what is the best to normalize the pixels to determine the cell cycle nuclei?

Hi @alonbrus,

We have a number of tutorials available for basic segmentation, I would suggest perhaps taking a look at this video to help you get started.