Object intensity

Hi ,
I’m new with CellProfiler. I have 2 gray scale channel : RED(Cdt1) and Green (geminin) . i want to build a graph that y axis is normalize fluorescence intensity of the green (geminin) and red (Cdt1) fluorescence channels and x axis is time (in hours). im having troubles and i think that the data generated from my pipeline is incorrect. Any help will be appreciated, Tnx.23122020 - Copy.cpproj (834.3 KB)


It would be helpful to know why and how you think your data is incorrect! Without knowing more specifically what you want to measure (image vs object, mean vs total intensity, etc), how you’ve figured what you think it should look like, and what it looks like instead, it’s hard to suggest a specific fix.

Often, if you’re talking about per object measurements, the issue lies in the segmentation, so that would be the first thing that I’d check.