Object identities exported from Ilastik and loaded into Cellprofiler as objects

Hello Team,

My goal was to load objects identified in Ilastik object classification project into Cellprofiler as objects, so I exported the object identities. It turns the index of the exported objects start with one. But Cellprofiler expects 0 as background. So I had to do an image math in ImageJ in order to achieve my goal.

Is there a way/option for Ilastik to start indexing the exported object identities from 0?

Thanks, Jama.

Hello @Jama,

the object identity image has 0 as background, and objects start with one. So this sounds like what you would want already? Maybe I have read your question wrong. Could you please clarify?

Hey Dominik,

thanks and sorry for the false alarm/confusion. ) Yes, object identity image indeed has 0 background. I must have done something wrong yesterday, but no idea what. Because I can’t reproduce it today!