Object classifier not working on new images

Hello I am new to using object classifiers in QUPATH. I have just started using the QuPath version 2 m9 for multiplex analysis. I created a project, loaded one set of images and set up an object classifier for individual channels, which I merged into one sequential classifier. I manually created annotations and set up a script which segmented the cells, ran the classifier and exported the data. This worked really well.
Than I decided to add more images to the project so I can use the same script and classifier, however the classifiers are not working on the added images. The result I get is all cells are unclassified. The classifiers still work on the original images but not on the new ones. What I am missing? How can I get them to work on the added images?

My guess is that the measurements are different or missing for the new images. This could happen if the processing steps (e.g. to the detect the cells) were different, or if the channel names are different in the new images.

View → Show log might also continue some useful clues.

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Thank you Pete, the channel names of course!! Such a simple solution. I did set up new channel names for the first data set. Just added it to the script and it is working fine.

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