Object Classifier Loading issue

I’ve created an object classifier and I am unable to load it on other images in the project. I am also unable to reload the classifier on the image it was originally classified from. I’m working in version (0.2.0-m8), with H&E Brightfield. On a windows PC.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to ‘Automate’
  2. Click on ‘script editor’
  3. Run script runClassifier(with its location\classifiername.qpclassifier)
  4. See error

INFO: Training size: org.bytedeco.opencv.opencv_core.Size[address=0x21bc548ef30,position=0,limit=1,capacity=1,deallocator=org.bytedeco.javacpp.Pointer$NativeDeallocator[ownerAddress=0x21bc548ef30,deallocatorAddress=0x7fffcf445770]]
INFO: Responses size: org.bytedeco.opencv.opencv_core.Size[address=0x21bc548eee0,position=0,limit=1,capacity=1,deallocator=org.bytedeco.javacpp.Pointer$NativeDeallocator[ownerAddress=0x21bc548eee0,deallocatorAddress=0x7fffcf445770]]
INFO: RTrees classifier termination criteria: org.bytedeco.opencv.opencv_core.TermCriteria[address=0x21bd927fa80,position=0,limit=1,capacity=1,deallocator=org.bytedeco.javacpp.Pointer$NativeDeallocator[ownerAddress=0x21bd927fa80,deallocatorAddress=0x7fffcf445930]]
INFO: Classifier trained with 31 samples
INFO: Reading classifier qupath.opencv.classify.RTreesClassifier@66e8a849 complete!
INFO: Classification time: 0.00 seconds
WARN: No objects classified!

I’m expecting the cells to be differentiated into immune cells and non-immune cells

There is no error reported in the log, so I wonder: when you load the classifier, have you already detected the cells in the image where you want to run it?

If this is not the explanation, there is not enough information here to understand what has gone wrong. It would help to know what exactly you have tried, and if you have seen it work in other cases.

See also the supplementary material of the original QuPath paper for examples of scripts that involve running a previously-trained object classifier.