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Hi, Is there anyway that I can select the objects after detection classifier applied and qupath only shows those selected objects rather than looking through meauments map?
How does spatial analysis works?

I don’t understand what exactly you want to do, but after classification you can show/hide objects with specific classifications. Select the classification under the Annotations tab, right-click and there is a Show/Hide… menu.

You can calculate distances between detections with specific classes, or between detections and annotations.

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Thank you, I have been using Qupath 0.2.0-m9 and does not seems like selecting any of the spatial analysis tool is working. No changes at all. Do o you have any detailed guidance for it? How the data will look like?
I actually wanted to perform all my analysis on version m11 but the detection classifier didnt work and gave error message. I will report it soon.

If you were trying to load the deprecated detection classifier in M11, I think that was a known issue.

If you run any of the spatial analyses, other than Delaunay clusters, you shouldn’t see any visible changes. The data shows up in the measurement list, where you can use it for other things, including the Measurement maps, or classifiers. If you want to change a set of objects that have a certain level of spatial analysis measurement, you can try the Create single measurement classifier and then find the spatial measurement you were interested in from that list.

The issue with reloading the classifier in m11 has already been reported and fixed: Saving/loading training objects for cell classifier in QuPath M11

v0.2.0-m12 is now available. Only bugs that are reported in the next day or so can be fixed for the v0.2.0 stable release…

You can find brief descriptions of all commands through the Command List (Ctrl + L). I have added three new tutorials yesterday to https://qupath.readthedocs.io/ but nothing specifically for spatial analysis – I simplify haven’t had time to write everything up.

I try to keep up with questions on the forum, but it is really not clear to me what precisely you want to know, what you have tried, or what you want to happen.

Hi Pete,
I tried to create some image that exactly tells what I would like to do.
I want to measure the distance of red cells to the green cells and also same for magenta cells, is this possible?

Hi @AAkarca, Analysis → Spatial analysis → Detect centroid distances 2D sounds like the closest QuPath can offer.

As @Research_Associate says, the results show up as measurements for each cell.

That is great, thank you.

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