Object classification of imported ROIs


I have used Cellpose to find cell boundaries. I have imported the ROIs into qupath and using Pete scripts (e.g. Change annotations into Cell objects.groovy) these annotations are now defined as cells (within a large annotation). I could not train the cells using object classification as normally is done on qupath built-in detected cells algorithm.
I will really appreciate your help,

Hi @Reinat,

What happens when you try to run object classification? Do you get any error message/notification? Are you sure your objects have been correctly converted to cells? Have you annotated at least 2 other classes, as required by the object classifier?

Thanks for your quick response.

I have converted the annotations into cells (as attached) - not sure if this is done correctly. I use two classes but the object classification does not do or show anything (no massages at all). (When I do it using qupath detected cells then the object classification works fine)