OAuth2 for OMERO 5.6.1 web?

Hi OME team and specifically @manics,
I saw that you built an OAuth2 authentication plug-in for OMERO 5.4.x. https://github.com/manics/omero-oauth Is that compatible with the latest 5.6.1 or is some Python 2->3 porting necessary?

Hi Damir
This is hopefully obvious but in case it’s not (or in case anyone else sees this) omero-oauth isn’t an official production OME project.

I suspect it’ll require a few changes to work with OMERO 5.6. If I get time I’ll have a look, but in the meantime if you want to have a go the main changes required will be

  • Python 2 → 3: These should be easy, just run 2to3 and undo any unnecessary changes
  • Django 1.8 → 1.11: These should be failry small changes, but they require some Django knowledge, for other OMERO web apps the changes were mostly related to urls.py

See https://github.com/ome/omero-mapr/pull/54/files for an example

Thanks Simon, yes I understand this is non-official code. We’re looking to provide web-only access for a restricted community to an OMERO server and control access via an existing OAuth-using portal so it’s easier to add/remove access centrally. Hopefully your plugin will be good for that. I’ll have a look at converting to python3/Django1.11 and will let you know how it goes.

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:+1: Feel free to ask questions here if you have trouble with the Django changes- it might help someone else who’s trying to port their Django apps.

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