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I am currently finishing my doctoral thesis and used CP as a substantial part in my work. I remember seeing some statistics on how many papers have been published using CP, but cannot find this anymore. I’d like to mention this in my work. Do you have any recent data about the use of CP? (with a source) Searching via Pubmed does not seem to yield correct results.

Furthermore, there’s no point in developping pipelines if you don’t share them. Do you offer a platform where you can upload your pipeline and some sample images? (besides your own).

Best regards, Matthias

Was this it?

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@SJWarch is right - that’s the most recent visualization of publications. Currently we are at 3,160 citations
Google Scholar

Users can request their pipelines be hosted here: Published Pipelines
Please email with yours files and a citation.

We also maintain the Broad Bioimage Benchmark Collection, a collection of freely downloadable microscopy image sets.

I am in the process of exploring different content management systems for the purpose of creating a repository for pipelines. In the future, users will be able to upload pipelines, sample images, and other relevant files to this repository. If you have any suggestions for which system is best for the job, I would absolutely love to hear.

Hopefully this answers your question. Feel free to follow up with questions/comments/suggestions.


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