Number of LC3 dots per cell

Hi all,

I’m a new user of Cell profiler, and therefore have no expertise in building a suitable pipeline for my needs. I was wondering if anyone might have a pipeline already made for the analysis I need to do, or whether anyone could advise me on which modules to use.

The loss of protein of our interest leads to an increase of autophagosome per cell. We would like to enumerate this change in number and, so that we can then try and reverse the phenotype experimentally using pharmacological approaches able in restoring the activity of our protein.

Many thanks in advance!

Alessandro (UZH)

Hi Alessandro!

Thank you for your interest in CellProfiler. We highly recommend exploring the documentation on our website, Here are some pages that may be of interest to you:

You may also want to read Before posting tips so you can ask a question that can receive a more specific answer.

Thank you!

Hi Allesandro,

I have done analysis of LC3 puncta and have a pipeline that would probably work for you.

If you are interested, please email me at It would be helpful to know 1) how many channels you are using (e.g., channel for nuclei, channel for LC3 puncta, etc.).

Best regards,

Rob Ralston