Number of Components (Y Cb Cr)

Hi everybody!
I am using ImagJ for an year for batch picture processing. Recently I started shearing this with my colleague. And i found that after running the same macros we obtain same picture but (!) mine have 1 Component (Y). And for her it is 3 Components (Y Cb Cr).

What should we change to make her pictures being 1-Component??
This is essential for me because 3 -component pictures cannot be processed further.
The version of ImageJ is the same for us.

Macros for batch processing are usually like this:

run("RGB Stack");
run("Stack to Images");
setMinAndMax(160, 255);
run("Apply LUT");
setOption("BlackBackground", false);
run("Make Binary");

Properties file of her and mine pics:

Welcome to the forum, @Alexadra_I!

Perhaps you and your colleague have different options set.

Please check out the troubleshooting section The same plugin gives different results on different machines! for details and advice on how to check this. And if you figure it out, please follow up here to help anyone else who has the same issue in the future!