Null values in classified objects table

Hi, I really like this software - thanks!

I am having some trouble using the classifier tool. When I score all images, the summary table in CPA shows up fine. However, within my SQLite database the new table which shows the classification of each individual object has every object duplicated. Each object is assigned a “positive” or “negative” class, but is also duplicated with a “null” class.

This causes difficulty when I try and take just the positive objects back into CPA to classify for another marker.

Thanks in advance,
Chris (PhD student, Cambridge, UK)

Does this happen both when you overwrite an existing table and when you create the table from scratch? Also, which version are you using?

Thanks for your reply. This occurs when I create a table from scratch (see attached). I’m using version 2.2.1.


First I would try it on 2.3.0