Null Pointer Exception when trying to run Image Fusion through macro in Big Stitcher


I am attempting to fuse images in Big Stitcher through a macro command in headless mode. However, a NullPointerException occurs, pointing to the following line of code in


(218) boundingBoxChoice = (Choice)gd.getChoices().lastElement();

I played around with the mvrecon code a little, and it seems like anytime gd.getChoices() (or any method from the generic dialog class) is called, a null pointer exception occurs. Also, this error only occurs in headless mode. Any ideas?

Corey Elowsky

Hi @coreyelowsky_CSHL,

Sorry it took awhile for someone to get to this.

Unfortunately, anything with a GenericDialog just can’t be run headless, meaning you’ll either have to write some code to call the relevant functions in a different way, or run the fusion through the UI.


Thanks for the response!

As an unrelated follow up, is there any way to specify the output file name when fusing images?