Nucleoid detection feature of MicrobeJ with Java 8

Dear all,
I am having an issue with the MicrobeJ (MJ) tool I want to use to analyze bacterial cells. MJ has many useful features, one such feature is detection of the nucleoid e.g. when stained with DAPI. This way you can measure some properties e.g. its area. However, it seems that ImageJ of FIJI running with Java 8 somehow bugs this feature? Any has or know a workaround this?

many thanks and cheers,

Hi @TSaaki and welcome to the forum!

The maintainers of MicrobeJ don’t seem to be active (yet) on this forum. For what it’s worth, I just invited Adrien Ducret (who is listed as maintainer) to this forum topic. Let’s see if he can give some advice.

If you don’t get an answer here, you might also try writing to MicrobeJ’s own mailing list (although I’d very much recommend their project to join the forum now that it’s here :slight_smile:).

Hi @imagejan,
I posted a similar question on the MicrobeJ forum and emailed Adrien Ducret too. He is usually very responsive, I waiting for his reply. And I thought in the meantime someone out here might know a solution.

thanks for the effort.

Oh, I see, it seems to be this question:!msg/microbej-project/0rBjni0PNwI/IP5fYJwJBwAJ

When cross-posting like this, it’s usually a good idea to disclose that you’re doing so, and add a link to the respective other location. That way, others interested in the issue have the possibility to follow the discussion.

For the same reason, I’d prefer an open communication in an online forum over private help requests by email.