Nrrd file can not save correctly?


I found error of Fiji related nrrd file (maybe).

Open dcm file and then save as nrrd,
and re-opened this nrrd file and check Image>properties.

An original dicom file has (x,y,z)(0.9375000,0.9375000,3.0000000) “mm” Unit.
But, nrrd file has (x,y,z)(0.9375000,0.9375000,1.0000000).


Hi @11110,

I don’t have a dicom file to test with, but when I tried to reproduce this with a tif, I got what I expected
(metadata were correct) when I reopened.

How are you saving the files?
File > Save As > Nrrd ...?
Or are you using bio-formats?


Hi John,

Thank you for your reply.
Yes, I used File > Save As > Nrrd … by Fiji current version.
I think this occurred lack z-axis voxel size info (such as slice thickness).
Do you think ?
Sample Dicom file is here.