No window with the title "Results" found

We are attempting to perform Orientation analysis on images segmented in Fiji (imageJ) using the DiameterJ 1-018 plugin. The algorithm seems to nearly finish, but then will stop and we receive the error message “No window with the title ‘Results’ found.” We have uninstalled/re-downloaded software, switched computer, etc. Any advice?

Dear @ravsem,

I have invited @DiameterJ to the discussion hoping that he can shed some light on the issue.


Did you find a solution to this issue? I am having the same problem but not sure what it means…!

I have the same problem when I calculating the single binary image made by the plugin, trainable Weka Segmentation. The Macro error occurs with <no window with the title “Results” found>, and only part of the results could be outputted. Thank you for your attention.