No valid videos were found when creating DLC project

When creating a new DLC project, I got:

In [1]: import deeplabcut

In [2]: config_path=deeplabcut.create_new_project(‘Rhesus’,‘Katherine’,[’~/Documents/DeepLabCut/Videos’], copy_videos=False)

Created “/home/usr/Documents/DeepLabCut/Rhesus-Katherine-2020-09-09/videos”
Created “/home/usr/Documents/DeepLabCut/Rhesus-Katherine-2020-09-09/labeled-data”
Created “/home/usr/Documents/DeepLabCut/Rhesus-Katherine-2020-09-09/training-datasets”
Created “/home/usr/Documents/DeepLabCut/Rhesus-Katherine-2020-09-09/dlc-models”
Attempting to create a symbolic link of the video …
WARNING: No valid videos were found. The project was not created …
Verify the video files and re-create the project.

My system is Ubuntu 16.04 and my OpenCV version is 3.4.11. I also double checked that the path to the .avi videos are correct. Has anyone run into this?

Hi @chickenuggies, what if you replace the tilde by the actual user path? Does that fix it?

also for creating a project, you can’t point to a folder, you need to add each video (unless that behavior changed recently, @jeylau?)

It worked! I guess I can’t be lazy when inputting the path.

I wondered that too, but I have quite a few videos for training, so I followed the instructions from deeplabcut.create_new_project?:

Creates a new project directory, sub-directories and a basic configuration file. The configuration file is loaded with the default values. Change its parameters to your projects need.


project : string
String containing the name of the project.

experimenter : string
String containing the name of the experimenter.

videos : list
A list of string containing the full paths of the videos to include in the project.
Attention: Can also be a directory, then all videos of videotype will be imported.

working_directory : string, optional
The directory where the project will be created. The default is the current working directory; if provided, it must be a string.

copy_videos : bool, optional
If this is set to True, the videos are copied to the videos directory. If it is False,symlink of the videos are copied to the project/videos directory. The default is False; if provided it must be either
True or False.

awe, we should be sure that works, I’m with you- I don’t want to type them out, haha.
I often use the GUI to create projects, then work in the terminal

Attention: Can also be a directory, then all videos of videotype will be imported.

@jeylau we should check this behavior :slight_smile:

Works as expected :smiley:

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