No script editor (or javascript block in protocol) because no interpreter


when attempting to use the script editor or the corresponding block, I get an error “No interpreter found. Impossible to compile/run a script.” I do have JDK installed (openjdk64 8,9,10,11,15) under homebrew/jenv control. Currently, icy uses OpenJDK Runtime Environment 15.0.1+9 (64 bit) on macos 10.15.7. The javascript plugin is installed (not the old one). Furthermore, I found no place to specify the interpreter in the settings. Do you have some suggestions?
Thank you!
Best regards

Hi Jacques,

To be honest we never made tests with this new Java 15 so it’s likely to be the source of the issue. Can you force Icy to use Java 8 instead to see if the error is still here ?
Normally you don’t have to provide the script engine still you can install new language as Python/Jython by installing the plugin for that (Jython for Icy).


– Stephane

Hi Stephane,
it indeed fixed the issue.
Thank you