No sample image Tracks for TrackMate

Dear all, I am leaning to use TrackMate now by first following the basic tutorial But when I tried to open sample image Tracks for TrackMate, nothing opened. It seems there is no such image in the sample folder. I have just downloaded the newest version of Fiji. Anyone else saw this as well?

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This is true, the sample image does not load anymore when accessed via the Fie > Open samples menu.

This bug seems to affect the 2nd part of the sample menu (with TrackMate, Malaria sporozoites, …)
@imagejan @ctrueden can you help me getting started with this bug?

This is my fault; I turned on redirect of all HTTP->HTTPS links for But Fiji does not follow the 301s properly, and old versions of Java (before 1.8.0_101) do not like our SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

So I turned it off again for now for that subdomain.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I’m still running into this issue. Fresh Fiji install. Java 1.8.0_172
in the 2nd part of the menu, none of the sample images load except for the two centipedes and the ddac Neuron.

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@ctrueden same thing here. I can load the centipede and the neuron, but not TrackMate sample image (when I click to open it, nothing happens).

Thanks for the pings, and sorry for my half-baked fix last time. The issue should now really be fixed. Please let me know if you are still unable to access all the sample images.