No results shown after whole scanned slide segmentation in Orbit on Win10

HI All, I am very new to this forum, as much as forum in general.
I have been using ImageJ and Fiji in the past but now I am in urgent need to analize whole scanned slides and I am learning to use Orbit.
It is a marvelous software, and even people with little IT knowledge can easily operate it.
I have even bought a dedicated machine but it came with Win10 pre-installed.
I can train a segmentation model, save it and load it again to analyse many small ROIs, but when I give the final command to process the entire slides, the bar reaches 100% in 40min without showing results and reminaing “frozen” there.
Is it a compatibility issue with Win10 or am I doing something wrong? the model works perfectly on small ROIs but it freezes with larger areas or even the hole slide.
I tried every option but nothing elicit results, no vene in the Log.
Should I install Ubuntu? or the issue can be sorted in Win10?
Many thanks and sorry to bother (i am not very computer knoledgable).

Hi Ema,

I’m also new to the forum and the software, but hopefully I can help. I guess this is related to your question here: Temporary files storage and Batch processing on Orbit

Let’s follow up on that thread to keep things all in one place.