No module named cellprofiler.utilities.setup

I’m trying to write my first module in CellProfiler. I have followed the instructions for installation of Python and other required libraries from here: … pers’_Wiki

Prior to all of that I'd installed the latest CP (9777).  I'm using Windows XP.

I am at the final step of installation, where I am supposed to create a standalone executable for Python.  It says to execute the following command from within the CellProfiler directory.  Unfortunately, there is an error.  Here is the output:

[quote]C:\Program Files\CellProfiler>python py2exe msi
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 82, in
from cellprofiler.utilities.setup import find_jdk
ImportError: No module named cellprofiler.utilities.setup

I have Googled about this problem, and come up with nothing. I’m sure that I’m missing something obvious. I’d appreciate some help, thank you!


C:\Program Files\CellProfiler>

This file is indeed specific to CellProfiler, so it stands to reason you wouldn’t find anythign by googling. To start, if you look in your CellProfiler\cellprofiler\utilities folder, is there a file there?

I should have mentioned this. I don’t even have a utilities directory. I was looking at the SVN version, via the web, and noticed that the files and directory hierarchy are different than what I have. In “C:\Program Files\CellProfiler\cellprofiler” I only see a directory called “icons”.

And yes, I realize it's specific to CP.  I was Googling to see if anyone else had this problem, and it seems I'm the only one...

How do I install the same thing that's up on the SVN server?  Or am I asking the wrong question.  Thanks for the quick reply!


I think what you’re looking at on your computer is the folder for the compiled version of CP, which has just the bundled packages. What the developer notes are referring to is the source code stored in SVN (subversion). So I think you have the question correct; the missing piece is that the developer notes are for the svn version only.

I recommend using TortoiseSVN for obtaining our source code. Download and install it, then right-click on a drive letter for the context menu and select “SVN checkout…”. From there, you can specify the URL of the SVN repository mentioned on the developer wiki.

Thanks for pointing this issue out. I’ll place additional notes on the wiki detailing how to obtain the code in more detail.


It is working now!

I assumed I needed an SVN Client of some kind, but I only found SVN server software. Tortoise is good.

I’ll probably be back in a few days with questions about how to write my own modules correctly. Thanks again!