No images passed the filtering criteria

When I drag my images into file list window, the pipelines(such as ExampleColorToGray, ExampleSBSImages…) can not find my image, but the example images can do it well.
How to deal with it!
please help me.

It looks like you’re adding a 3 color JPG image- a) are you making sure it’s set correctly as a “color image” in NamesAndTypes and b) can you try with a better-supported image format like TIF?

Hi bcimini,

Thank you for your help!

I am using tiff format images (imageJ merged), but still does not work.

Kindly find the attached picture, please help me.

Your image works perfectly in my hands, are you sure you have NamesAndTypes set correctly? Aka are you telling it to look for a single color image?

I am sorry I dont know what you mean, please check the attached color to

If you see my problem, please seed the screenshot pictures to me.

I would like to use Cellprofiler to analyze my data, but all of the
download pipeline examples can not run.
I want to find the problem from the easy application(color to gray).
Thank you again and looking forward to your reply. (49.8 KB)

The .cppipe won’t actually help me figure out if it’s the exact problem I think it is; do you see in the input modules where it says NamesAndTypes? Can you send me a screenshot of that window just like the ones you just posted?