No Image Sets Available Error

So i’ve uploaded an ICS file into Cell Profiler 2.1 and it recognizes all the metadata, however, once I start trying to split things up into various channels using image matching rules in NamesandTypes, it tells me “No Image Sets Available” when I update it. I’ve followed along exactly with this demonstration ( … movies.pdf), but to no avail. I’ve tried a bunch of permutations and nothing has helped. When I select only “MATCH->ALL->METADATA DOES HAVE C MATCHING #” for channels 0,1, and 2 separately it won’t work. Adding “MATCH->ALL->Image is Stack Frame” doesn’t help either UNLESS I select ANY. Additionally, only adding “MATCH->ALL->Image Is Stack Frame” will work, but I’m running into to problems later with that. For instance, when I try to identify primary objects using the object that refers to channel 2, it will start out calling the object that refers to channel 0…Now things will work if I only MATCH for one channel, however, I want to be able to access 2 channels. If someone could shed light on this situation I would appreciate it.

  • Kevin

Hi Kevin,

It’s hard to tell without more info – it could very well be a bug specific for ICS files, either in CellProfiler or in the Bio-Formats image reader library that we use. Would you upload your pipeline or project file, along with an example ICS file, and we’ll take a look? We don’t have an example of this file format readily available. (You may have to zip the file for it to be accepted for upload on the Forum).