No analyze_time_lapse_frames in maDLC 2.2

hey! It seems that analyzing image sequences (separate image files, instead of video files) is not supported anymore in DLC 2.2. This was a standard feature in older version. Does anyone have a suggestion/workaround to run multi-animal DLC 2.2 in image stacks?

I realize I can use ffmpeg to convert my image sequences to videos, but that is rather cumbersome (especially since our frames are large and experiments long). Being able to work on image sequences allows us to integrate DLC nicely with other analysis code, e.g. centroid tracking code that identifies subsets of the data that merit maDLC analysis.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @felixhol, you’re right, we have forgotten to port that function to maDLC. I can only implement it in a couple of days, but if you want to take a look meanwhile and contribute, this would be very welcome :smiley:

I’ll certainly take a look in the meanwhile, yet I’m not sure if I’ll manage within a reasonable time frame. If you could take a look when you have some time later, that would be absolutely wonderful. Many thanks!!