Nikon Ti2 adapter for mm2-gamma - hardware sequencing

Hi Nico, Sam, other users of Nikon frames,
Can you please chime in on how feature complete is Nikon Ti2 device adapter for mm2-gamma? Is it possible to control the objective and filter cubes through hardware sequencing, via TriggerScope or via native Ti2 adapter? We are considering a purchase of new frame and evaluating micro-manager support.


I’m not aware of a way to hardware trigger changing the objectives or filters. I think there might be a way to do that in Nikon Elements.

Hi Shalin,

The device adapter works well for software control of of the objective and filters (including if you have two filter wheels). I haven’t ever used hardware triggering for anything directly on the microscope so I’m not sure. However, I would think that the movement of the filter wheels and objective probably aren’t really fast enough to benefit from hardware triggering rather than software control anyway.

The only part of the microscope that I haven’t been able to control using the device adapter is the motorized mirror on the optional TI-LAPP illuminator. I’m not sure if this is because it just wasn’t implemented in the device adapter or if it is missing from the Nikon SDK.


Thanks Sam, Nick,
I was curious if objective’s z-position and the filter wheel can be changed on hardware trigger. You make a good point that speeds of filter wheels are too slow to benefit from hardware sequencing.

One reason to consider hardware sequencing based acquisition is our observation that mixing hardware sequencing and software control during an acquisition introduces substantial overhead, possibly due to change in camera’s state. @ieivanov and @cfoltz have the first hand experience and can elaborate.


Hi Shalin,

I haven’t ever given hardware sequencing with the microscope a try but I would think that any hardware sequencing that is supported in Nikon’s software would also be supported in Micro-Manager but I’m really not sure.