Nikon Perfect Focus-2.0 Gamma

When controlling Nikon Perfect Focus in 2.0 Gamma with the Property Browser Open, turning perfect focus off and nudging the Z position slightly generates the Perfect Focus out of focus range as expected. Turning Perfect Focus back on gets an immediate lock on the focus, meaning its not actually out of the focus range… Normally not a big deal but we have a custom plate focus script that relies on the “out of focus range” statement to begin its contrast based digital autofocus. Heres a couple of screen shots that represent the problem.

Hi Reese,

Great to see you here! If I am not mistaken, this out of range signal comes straight from the Nikon api, so unless there is some misunderstanding somewhere, there is not much that MM can/should do. Maybe you can work around this by ignoring the out of range signal in your script, record the z position, attempt to focus for a short amount of time, return to original position if focus fails, then perform image-based focus?