Nikon DS-Qi2 Micromanager Adapter and Setup


I was wondering if anyone has successfully used micro-manager with the Nikon DS-Qi2. I know this is an issue with Nikon not having an API for it. However, there were some old posts with interest in using this camera with micromanager, so I am hoping someone has gotten it to work in the past five years.


I also want to use the Nikon DS-Qi2. And I reloaded this source code (
I have the problem that everything is written for Visual Studio 2010 and Windows SDK7.1 and i use Visual Studio 2017 ans Windows SDK Now I have managed to compile this. The problem is, it’s not recognized by the micromanager. I also adhered to the naming convention and copied it into the micro manager root directory. Is there anyone else with experience?

Thank Georg

Hi Georg,

If you didn’t already, check out this thread on the former MM listserv about building on Visual Studio 2015, I’m guessing there are several things transferable to your situation:


Hi Jon,

thank you for this Link.
Now the MMCamera example works. But not the Nikon KsAdapter :-(.
I hope to find the Problem.


FWIW, it is still possible (actually easier than some time ago) to install VS2020 and Windows SDK 7.1. I have it running on my up to date Windows 10 machine, run it on several others (last install a few months ago). It is a bit of a pain to get going, but certainly doable.

Hi Georg,

We were also experience issues with MM not recognizing the Gomella adapter. It turned out our issue was that we did not compile in the same version as the install version. We figure this out by looking at the debug log and saw this error "Error: Unable to load NikonKsAdapter library: Failed to load device adapter “NikonKsAdapter” from “C:\Program Files\Micro-Manager-1.4\mmgr_dal_NikonKsAdapter.dll” [ Incompatible device interface version (required = 65; found = 61).

After we figured this out (along with fixing some directory issues), we were able to compile and get this this adapter to work.


Hi Anna,

thank you for this information.
it is possible thät this is also our problem.
Is theare are possible to send me the dll?

best regards Georg

Hi Georg,

Sorry it took so long. I had to go into the lab to get the file. Here is the dll along with other files that may be helpful to getting the adapter to actually work. I am not 100% sure if you need all of them, but they are available for you anyways. Please note that we are specifically using micromanager version 1.4.23 and I am unsure if it would on other versions.

Another note is that the code for this adapter does not seem to let you change exposure times. We’ve been tweaking things, but have been unsuccessful thus far.

Let me know if this doesn’t work for you or if you manage to fix the exposure time issue! (811.2 KB)