Next call on next-gen bioimaging data tools (Dec. 2)

Dearest newly created @ngff list members (and anyone following along),

At the end of the October community call, we discussed a potential meeting towards the end of November, potentially in concert with #i2k2020.

Trying to roughly follow the style of the previous meeting:

  • Frequency: once per month
  • Length: Run two 60-90 min discussion sessions
  • Time: At least 1x coverage of the American, African/European, and Asian/Pacific timezones

but with a few simplifications:

  • No speakers or talks.
  • Attendance: Free & open to I2K attendees.

:point_right: I’d suggest that during the social periods – 12-14 UTC and 20-22 UTC – on the last day of I2K (Dec. 2) that we find some section of the where we can convene. Basically, this would be an informal chance to touch base during I2K. :point_left:

The #ome-ngff related workshop runs from 7-11 UTC and from 15-19 UTC and one benefit of these slots would be to permit introducing the newly workshopped attendees with the luminaries of the field. It might be that our kind organizers have prepared events for those times. If that’s the case, we’ll readjust. Watch this space for more information.

As always, looking forward to chatting.


Looks like I have missed the deadline for registration on the Janelia web site.

@ken.ho, @sebi06 and anyone else who isn’t at #i2k2020 – I’ve created a Zoom link and posted it to . I’ll be in the zoom as described above (though maybe taking a nap). Anyone who would like to hang out and chat, come on by.


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@joshmoore the link above didn’t work. Where is the zoom link?

Try now. I need to add you to the group! ~J

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Notes from a nice little first call are starting to appear in – I’ll add the second session as well if we’re not all too tuckered out.

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