Newbie: why does this take so long?

Just downloaded days ago. Running on a new iMac. One tiff of ~380Mbytes with 139 individual images of a field of ~10 up to ~100 cells at the end. Modules: LoadImages, IdentifyPrimary, TrackObjects, MeasureObjectIntensity, ExportToSpreadsheet. Last time I ran it without Track and it took 9 hours. Now it estimates 10 hours. The image file and target directory are local. Seems to be running in 32 bit mode (?). Is it supposed to take about this long?

Update: input image file location was not set up correctly (i.e. elsewhere, not default) so much of the delay was i/o from a network drive. Run actually takes 1 hour 40 min. Does this sound right? Thanks!

Image analysis can take a lot of time, 1:40 is not much at all. I cannot say whether it’s appropriate for what you’re doing because we do other stuff, but I assume it is.

Since many operations have to visit each pixel in an image, the time it takes depends a lot on the image size of course, and 380MB is not that small.

We some split large images into separate parts and run them on a cluster with many CPUs because it would take many hours or days otherwise.