Newbie question, how to get standard deviation in live display

I just found micro manager and it seems PERFECT for a project I’m working on, but the demo I’m reading shows that a standard deviation is displayed in the main window (see attachment) but when I run the program, only min and max are show, standard deviation and average are gone. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Update: Selecting a different camera / config file brings up different info. I’m currently using Camera > OpenCVgrabber to get data off of the USB Camera I’m working with. Is there a different device that displays the statistics I need (mean, stddev) and grabs from a generic USB source? Can I manually add the statistics to the config of the current OpenCVgrabber?


Chuck in NH

Hi Chuck,

I’m not sure about the older versions of Micro-Manager but if you use the newest (2.0 gamma) then you should have the average and standard deviation available.