Newbie: Help with sholl analysis from tracings

I am trying to conduct sholl analyses with my .traces files. I used to be able to find the sholl analysis (tracings) but now I can only see sholl analysis (from image) when I look under the Analyze tab. I made sure to update fiji but I still can’t find it. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Thank you in advance!

That is indeed weird. According to the wiki this option should exist:

But also in my version of Fiji it is gone. The plugin has not been updated for a while. So I suspect that some other update broke that or did hide that.
I would suggest to use a life line version ( the version from 2017 May 30 has it still.

And I will add the maintainers to this thread @tferr and maybe @ctrueden

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Welcome to the forum, @Rea_K!

Yes. indeed. We are trying to consolidate all of Neuroanatomy plugins, while at the same time removing some of the menu pollution that has been plaguing Fiji. Somehow something went awry. Really sorry you got caught in this.

I expect to push a fix tonight, but please note that in the future all of Neuronanatomy plugins (Sholl, Strahler, SNT, etc) will be served by the Neuroanatomy update. site. It is what makes the most sense here: the development is easier for developers, and users will have a better control over there installation.

I will then post more details. @Rea_K, if you are in an urgent need to use the plugin, you could 1) subscribe to the Neuroanatomy update site or 2) we could try running the plugin from a macro.


Thank you! I will use the older version for now.

Thank you for your quick response! No worries at all! I will use the 2017 May 30th version of Fiji for now.

This issue should be fixed. Please see this announcement

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